Pontoon Boat Kits

Build your own pontoon boat.


Pontoon boat kits

Pontoon boat kits

If you're good with your hands and want to save some money on a pontoon boat, you can look into the pontoon boat kits that are available online.

I've outlined a few sites on the web that sell pontoon boat kits. Hopefully you'll find what you need at one of them.



As their name clearly implies, these guys specialize in pontoon boat kits. Here's some information about them from the site:

"We offer pontoon KITS or custom-build BOATS to clients in Texas and surrounding states.. mainly because they are bulky and shipping is quite costly. You really need to pick up the kit here in Fairfield. Through our company you will be able to build a pontoon boat to your needs with accessories and furniture as much or as little as you require. We can even custom build the boat for you if you wish."

The Kit Guy

The Kit Guy

The Kit Guy sells do-it-yourself kits of every conceivable thing, including pontoon boat kits. Here's some information from their site:

"You can save hundreds of dollars and have a ball building your own floating entertainment center. Innovative kit manufacturers provide all the components to build a floating pontoon boat from a kit. The pontoon boat kit consists of a set of polyethylene plastic pontoon floats that will not crack, break or deteriorate they are not affected by fuel, oil, chemicals or pollutants. Wildlife can't chew on them, either. They come in different colors, red, black or yellow, or a combination."

Pith Pontoons

Pith Pontoons Another pontoon boat kit outlet. Here's some info from the site:

"We sell quality aluminum pontoon boat kits, raft kits and dock kits that are easy to assemble and affordable. Our pontoon boat kits come directly from the factory to you which is why a Pith Pontoon Kit is the most economical way to own a pontoon boat, dock or raft on the market today."

A few notable points about their pontoon boat kits: they require no welding. The only tools you need are a drill, bits, screw gun, wrench, rivet gun, measuring tape, string and a pencil.

Customizing your pontoon boat

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Tackle By Dy & Outfitters specializing in Custom Made fishing tackle, The Way tackle should be! Custom built or in kit form for the handyman/woman, pontoon boats, pontoon docks, pontoon rafts and much more.

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